Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hidden messages in water.

Ever wonder why words impact us so much? It's cause we're made up of mostly water.

Hold your horses and let me explain (neigh). Doctor Masaru Emoto has made an excellent discovery by taking water from a dam and having it blessed by a Buddhist monk, and then observing it under a telescope.

How he got this idea we may never know. But what he saw was amazing

Just regular ol' dam water.

 Water feeling awesome.

He then realized the potential so continued on with regular distilled water. His process was a simple one, fill an empty bottle with regular distilled water and then turn it into awesome. He did this by writing different positive words such as grace, harmony, love, soul etc, taped them to different full bottles, then left them overnight to hang with each other and received different effects with each and every one.

So next time you feel saying something mean, ask yourself, "would I want 60% of my body looking like this?"

Titled "You make me sick, I will kill you"

The power of words really mean something, I'm not religious but I guess that's why some people use prayer before meals.

Cause then it tastes even more awesome.

I encourage you to watch this short motion picture - Bleep  
 Oh and fast forward it to about 55 seconds in.