Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wanna see like the terminator?

We've always wondered when we would go too far,

Psh, we're not far enough. Biomedical Engineers have made a breakthrough of the "bionic contact lens" that has made retinal displays not something of the past, but the present.

Fix your vision? How about enhancing your vision 20x, check your glucose/blood sugar levels (for diabetics) and allowing you to see projected images? Good luck getting your hands on one though (or two), makers are putting a hefty price on this nano-technology and you can also grow gray hairs while waiting for the full release in 5-10 years.

Another option?

Just replace your biological eye with a complete bionic one like Mr. Rob Spence, AKA Eyeborg.

Rob Spence has created a bionic eye after weeks inside his own living room to replace his original from an unfortunate shooting incident. Yes you heard right, weeks. Wait... What?

Want more info on Eyeborg and this amazing contact lens?

Be a little more like the terminator here.
Meet Mr Eyeborg here


  1. I'm gonna ask Santa for a BB gun so I can shoot my eye out. I want one.

  2. Can't wait, I already wear contacts :/

  3. Oh wow. I'd love an eye like that. Imagine the stuff you can do in secret. Haha.

  4. gouging my eyes out now...i need em!